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Being a mom and small business owner... everything and everyone else seemed to come first. Each day I would find myself saying "If I can just get through today I will have some time for myself." That day never seemed to come around. On a whim I joined a FIT CAMP in Gateway. I was ready to take some Self-Time and start to be "Me" again.

I signed up for and 8 week class with the hopes of losing 20 pounds. My first week I lost 2 pounds and my second week only one pound. At this time I had to reset my personal goal which became simply completing the class. I also made a promise to myself that I would feel good about myself and my body image...whatever it was going to the end of the class. Once the 8 weeks was up I had actually met my goal of losing 20 pounds.

Losing the weight was the fun part. As a woman it always feels good when you cant fit into your clothes because the CLOTHES are to big. The most inspiring thing I got from FIT CAMP was that my head was clear. I enjoyed being at work again and spending time with my family more than ever before. I was so inspired about the difference in myself that I wanted to give this opportunity to others that may have lost a little bit of themselves through the stresses of life and work.

Self-Time Fitness isn't just a name...I believe it is something we all need!!

This is me in April 2009...just before I started my first FIT CAMP. I was 158 pounds, 31.4% body fat and a size 12. 

This is me now! 120 pounds 20% body fat and a size 2!!!